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Integrity Protection for Embedded Systems

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Webinar: Embedded Security and the IoT

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Unlicensed Software Usage Poses Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Problem

Michelangelo, anti-virus software, Authenticode, AxProtector, and You

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Enabling Security for the IoT

IoT, Industry 4.0, and Cyber-Security

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Three Part Webinar Series on CodeMeter

CodeMeter Embedded Driver 1.7 Protects Embedded Systems, PLCs, and Industrial PCs

Repelling the BadUSB Exploit with Cryptography and Secure Boot

Do you think your IP is protected by a patent? Think again.

Secure Licensing, IP Protection, and the Internet of Things

Digital Commerce – Your Licenses Around the Globe

Serving the Information Security Market for 25 Years

AxProtector Encryption: Integrity Protection of Modular Software Applications

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Help Your Customers Optimize License Allocation and Reduce Costs

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Integrity Protection for Embedded Systems

Software Licensing & Copy Protection – DIY or Buy?

Advantages of the CodeMeter Runtime

Wrapper or API to Improve Secure Licensing

CodeMeter Dongle Now Detected as HID

CodeMeter 5.0 released!

5 Things To Consider When Looking For Software Piracy Protection

Wind River's New VxWorks EDK Improves Embedded Systems Security

5 Reasons to Choose Software Copy Protection Dongles

CES: Consumers Steer Future Innovations

Breaking Enigma – 80th Anniversary

Maximizing revenues: What is software monetization without security?

Maximum revenues with software monetization

Software Licensing is now easier than ever

Firmware 2.0 released for CmSticks

License Central 1.51 released

Secure Software Licensing Part 3

Secure Software Licensing Part 2

Secure Software Licensing

AxProtector 8.20 Released

CodeMeter 4.50 released

Yet more software license management flexibility

Software license management flexibility

RSA cracked; CodeMeter still secure.

WibuKey is still awesome.

What happened to wibu.us?

Simplifying software license management

57% of all users agree: piracy protection is critical

Tariffs are not software protection

Broncos prove IP protection can be really really hard

Software protection dongles and embedded systems

New release for AxProtector

Are your embedded systems secure?

How to Pick Copy Protection Software (NOT!)

Make License Management Work For You

Bittorrent vs software protection

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Do you need stronger document protection?

Partial encryption with IxProtector

CodeMeter SmartBind, Part 1

Myths and Misconceptions

Does MegaUpload closure mean the end of software piracy?

Full IPv6 now in CodeMeter version 4.40

New Trial Versions Made Simple with CodeMeter Version 4.40

CodeMeter 4.40 released

The new CodeMeter compact dongle with cap

Updating dongle firmware: why should you care?

If the BSA were right about piracy, we could close all the prisons

New releases of CodeMeter, License Central available now

CodeMeter advantages

Copy protection: dongles or activations?

Copy protection dongle myths redux

Announcing CodeMeter 4.30

How to pick a software protection system

Wait to the last minute, then panic

Confusion aboundeth.

Wibu-Systems announces secure URL tracking tool

Software? What Software?

How does copy protection work?

A unique solution for license management

What is software piracy?

If Fords Were Software

Engraving on CmStick/C

Big and little dongles


Smallest way to protect software from piracy

Venture capital getting scarce; what to do?

What is software piracy?

...and to all a good night!

Why lock software?

Not your Daddy's dongle

Chinese fail to crack CodeMeter

Protecting Embedded Software