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If the BSA were right about piracy, we could close all the prisons

Posted by John Browne on Aug 1, 2011 9:19:00 AM

The BSA apparently thinks that piracy, like poor table manners, is simply a societal problem that can be corrected by changing people's behaviors. Note that they've concluded that litigation alone won't work. Note also that throwing people in jail for stealing cars hasn't stopped auto theft.

No, this is not our youngest developer.

Employing the same logic my father used when he said, just before delivering a no-doubt well-deserved spanking, "This will hurt me worse than it hurts you," which I understood at even a tender young age was complete nonsense, the BSA thinks apparently if we just give all these software pirates a stern talking-to the whole thing will somehow just vanish.


While the BSA explores this approach to ending crime (the successful conclusion of which will no doubt see them employed in follow-up campaigns against teen pregnancy, drug use, and drunk driving), I would suggest if you don't want to wait try locking your software like you do your car, house, and safe deposit box.

Of course, merely locking your car won't guarantee Nicholas Cage can't steal it. But it will sure cut down on the number of local clowns who will try. And if you lock your car, inside a locked garage, with a locked gate on your driveway, and add some surveillance cameras you will have the automotive equivalent of CodeMeter.

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