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Announcing CodeMeter 4.30

Posted by John Browne on Apr 28, 2011 12:57:00 PM

This week we released CodeMeter® 4.30 and AxProtector 7.11 on all platforms to improve your software protection, include Win 32 and 64, Mac OS, Linux, and more. There is a ton of new stuff in these two components, so I urge you to download the updates to our SDK and try it out. Some highlights:

  • Maintenance Periods: I wrote about these in my post "A Unique Solution for License Management" but now they are real with this release. It does require a minimum CmStick firmware of 1.18 or better (1.18 is the current version). Maintenance Periods can save you money because (among other reasons) you can ship software without doing license updates to the key.
  • SmartBind™ is an improvement (for those of you who want to use activations for software protection and licensing) over how CmAct figures out whether the PC it's bound to is the right one or not. We now use heuristics to calculate an internal value and you can merely set parameters of "tight, medium, or loose". We'll have a bit more explanation of this later but some of the details we will understandably keep under our hats so crackers can't get a leg up.
  • The runtime now supports the CmStick /C and /T variants. The Compact version (/C) is now available in quantities (subject to backorder, however, since demand has exceeded our expectations) and in eight colors. More pics coming soon.
  • We now have full support for protecting Microsoft Silverlight apps. Our goal is copy protection on all popular platforms.
  • We now support Linux on PowerPC processors.

Read more about this release here.

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