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The world's worst software copy protection advice

Posted by John Browne on Apr 18, 2012 3:26:00 PM

So the VP of Sales was talking to the VP of Engineering and the VP of Sales was bemoaning how many copies were being ripped off through piracy. "What can we do?" she asked the VP of Engineering, who replied:

"We should write our own software copy protection system."

Halt. Full stop. Red alert. DEFCON 3! This is the worst advice possible.

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Let's put it in perspective. Need a car? Build one. Going on vacation? Build an airplane first to fly there. Hungry? Start plowing...

Seriously, rolling your own solution for software copy protection is just asking for trouble. It's one of those things that, well like a lot of things, looks far easier than it is. We've been working on nothing else for over 20 years now and we still aren't finished. There ARE people out there who want to steal your software. Building your own copy protection system will almost certainly not slow down the pirates but will annoy your customers when it misbehaves. So save yourself some trouble. Pick up the phone and call us today

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