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License Central 1.51 released

Posted by John Browne on Aug 7, 2012 2:23:00 PM

Just a quick note to tell you that we've released version 1.51 of CodeMeter License Central.

What's new:

Windows 8: this release completes our support for Windows 8 with the addition of CmActLicenses in the "supported OS" screen. 

License Central 1.51

So now you can use either CmDongle or CmActLicense for your Windows 8 applications with this release of CodeMeter License Central (it was possible earlier but you had to use CmBoxPgm to create the licenses and activation schemes). Notice also we have full support for Windows Server 2012. Now you can test creating licenses for your protected applicaitons using License Central with your beta or pre-release copies of the next Microsoft operating systems.

Individual License Activation: When you go to the depot and click on a ticket with multiple licenses, you can select which of those to activate if you don't want to activate all at once:

CodeMeter License Central



In addition to these improvements, we also fixed some bugs (yes, we have bugs too). You can see which ones by looking at the change log. As always, download the latest versions of CodeMeter software here.

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