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Maximizing revenues: What is software monetization without security?

Posted by Terry Gaul on Dec 3, 2012 3:15:00 PM

Maximizing software revenues requires secure software licensing

In my most recent article, "Maximum Revenues with Software Monetization," I talked about maximizing your revenues through Software Monetization. As a quick reminder software monetization means the ability to sell your software as the market demands with a variety of license models. These models can include single user, network user, and/or timed user along with more granular levels such as selling individual modules, features, and even functions. It's all about delivering your software the way your customers and prospects want to buy it.

As an ISV you want this flexibility to deliver your software to market and this requires a flexible license management solution. But an integral part of this equation is protecting your intellectual property and securing your licenses in order to combat the constant onslaught of the hacker community. So it’s great to be able to offer license flexibility but only if you can protect your revenue stream. What's the point of all this flexibility if a hacker can easily spoof your licenses by simply replacing a file? Or even worse if the hacker can access your .Exe and steal your code.

The CodeMeter License Platform puts you on the path to maximizing your software revenues with the concept of Secure Software Licensing. We not only provide all the license models you need for maximized software monetization, but also:

  • Protect your intellectual property with strong 128 Bit AES encryption.
  • Secure your licenses with encryption utilizing 224 Bit ECC (Elliptical Curve Cryptography.
  • Give you the option for public / private key exchange using 2048 bit RSA.
  • Utilize a smart card chip for our full line-up of CmDongles

No security offering is full-proof but we at Wibu-Systems are confident we offer the most secure software licensing solution on the market today. We are the only software security vendor to have held multiple Hackers’ Contests with generous cash rewards (including contests held in the USSR and most recently China) and to date no one has won any of these events.

The consulting firm Frost & Sullivan has recently released a White Paper entitled Maximizing your profits with Software Monetization. The conclusions reached in this document are that for today’s Independent Software Vendors and Embedded Manufacturers to maximize profits they need to have a license management solution that is:

  • Seamless: from development to order management
  • Scalable: flexibility to address needs into the future
  • Secure: protecting your Intellectual Property and licenses 

To learn more about software monetization and secure software licensing download Maximizing your profits with Software Monetization -- the Frost & Sullivan white paper.

FREE White Paper HERE

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