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5 Things To Consider When Looking For Software Piracy Protection

Posted by Terry Gaul on Mar 1, 2013 3:00:00 PM

The CodeMeter product line offers excellent choices in software piracy protectionThere are several things to look for when choosing an anti-piracy protection system for your software application. As a software developer you put a lot of time and resources into developing your application and are entitled to a return on investment. The last thing you want to see is your application "pirated" and being sold by another vender for their profit or end users downloading your application from the web for free. Or worse: someone tampers with your software and adds malware and viruses to it. Adding a layer of security to prevent such tampering and illegal use is good. But, the best case scenario is having a piracy protection system that is integrated with a secure licensing solution.

What to look for when choosing an integrated anti-piracy and license management solution? 

  • IP Security – You should be able to secure your intellectual property with automated encryption utilities to protect against the pirating of your code. 
  • License Security – Is your license doing a simple check (license valid – yes/no) which can be easily spoofed or is your license secured with encryption and doing a key exchange to verify license validity?
  • Easy to Implement – Security should be a part of your license management. The goal is to easily integrate your piracy solution into your current business processes without changing one line of source code or recompiling.
  • Scalable Solution – You should choose a solution that will grow with your business opportunities. You should have the option to deliver your secured software with either a license file (software activation bound to a target machine) or secure device that contains your license (USB Key or a "dongle" in other form factors). The best solutions let you be flexible enough to choose your method on the fly (at order time).
  • A solid company to back up its offering that is focused on secure software licensing. Make sure you choose a vendor that is focused on providing the most secure anti-piracy solution which will also enable your business growth through secure software licensing.Some other things to consider:  how long has the company served this market; does the company have a satisfied customer base; and where does their product development take place?

If you are interested in learning more about protecting your software, securing your licenses, and enhancing your software monetization opportunities download the free Frost & Sullivan White Paper on Best Practices in Software Monetization, a Customer-Centric View of Secure License Management.

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