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Security by Design for connected devices

Posted by Terry Gaul on Dec 4, 2015 7:52:53 AM


There were some interesting findings released in a global study this past June conducted by Harbor Research (in conjunction with Progress Software) on the State of IoT: 2015 Global Developer Study. Not surprisingly, inexperience, interoperability and security were at the top of the list of challenges mentioned by 678 developers polled in the study. Here are a few of the key findings: 

  • Only 50% of developers say they have the skills, resources and technological tools to deliver on IoT expectations.
  • Interoperability, integration, security and privacy are among the top concerns of IoT developers
  • Low levels of monetization reflect business models that have not kept pace with technology advances
  • Current activity to address these issues is scattered among government organizations, various company alliances and other disparate groups
  • Security must be factored in from the beginning of development of any IoT product or application
  • Developers believe commercial vendors and the open source community have the greatest power to help them overcome these challenges

Certainly security and software monetization are on the top of our list and the main focus of our business. In our ongoing discussions with customers, we’re finding that more and more developers are looking to vendors like Wibu-Systems to help them address security from the start rather than later in the development process. And this is a growing sentiment with embedded system developers of connected IoT devices, in particular.

WP-IoT-Licensing-cover.jpgTo put it all into perspective, I invite you to read our latest white paper, Licensing and Security for the Internet of Things. This document delves into the current trends in IoT device development, strategies for success, and standards for protection and licensing systems in the IoT. It also presents a detailed explanation of our extensive CodeMeter toolkit that provides protection that can be easily and securely integrated into the software. The technology protects against reverse engineering and software replication and provides integrity protection of the application, licensing options, and flexible management of access rights.

Download the white paper and learn about the benefits of security by design.

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