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Removing the Complexity from Software Licensing and Activation

Posted by Terry Gaul on Mar 5, 2014 1:05:00 PM

The growing demand by consumers for flexible, scalable, and adaptable license management solutions challenges independent software vendors (ISV) to keep pace.

LicenseCentral customisation Website Colored 01According to International Data Corporation (IDC) Research Vice President, Amy Konary, as she noted in a TechNet Blog post, "customers are also calling for increased flexibility in software licensing — concurrent licensing, pay-per-use models, and licensing approaches that allow customers to take advantage of the benefits of virtualization — while at the same time that they are calling for increased simplicity."

However, the increasingly diverse licensing schemes ISVs require to meet the new software business models, like SaaS and PaaS, threaten to add unwanted complexity. For example, instead of just activating and binding a license to a PC or connecting a dongle, you now have to concern yourself with other details, such as preventing shared passwords by identifying the user logging in to an application in the Cloud, and measuring usage statistics for billing purposes.

Wibu-Systems is focused on providing ISVs with reliable licensing tools that can be integrated into your existing business processes and provide the flexibility needed to adapt to rapidly changing customer requirements. Our License Central system is the cornerstone of our CodeMeter software licensing and copy protection system. Flexibility in license activation is also an important component of a successful software delivery strategy. CodeMeter License Central enables activation of both software-based and dongle-based licenses directly via the internet or offline via file transfer.

We recently hosted a one-hour webinar, entitled A Masterful Customization of your License Activation Process, and invite you to watch a recorded replay of the webinar on our website. While viewing this webinar, you will learn how to use License Central to:

  • Easily implement an online license activation system using an Activation Wizard integrated into your application
  • Opt for an online license activation system using the CodeMeter WebDepot portal
  • Employ a hybrid solution that combines online and offline license activation, while still using WebDepot

Additionally, you will see demonstrations on how to:

  • Customize License Central to meet your business demands
  • Adapt the WebDepot GUI to the look and feel of your brand
  • Incorporate the end-users license lists and available Trial Licenses within WebDepot

Given the importance of your licensing strategy, I encourage you to watch the webinar and see the benefits of using a fully featured, highly scalable, Web-service based license management system.

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Help Your Customers Optimize License Allocation and Reduce Costs

Posted by Terry Gaul on Jan 29, 2014 11:31:00 AM

Faced with an increasingly complicated network environment, made only more complex by the addition of virtualization, cloud services and bring your own devices (BYOD), many of your customers are also struggling to keep track of their software assets, contracts, and entitlements. In some cases, end users may have excess licenses, or on the flip side, an insufficient number of licenses that shuts out users from applications when they need them. And this can be a very costly issue.

Consider these facts:

  • The research and analyst firm, Gartner, reveals that “organizations can realize savings as high as 25 percent by driving out the hidden efficiencies from over-licensing applications or harboring unused software.”
  • A recent report, from the market intelligence firm IDC, claimed “that some businesses are paying millions of dollars in fees and penalties to application producers.”

As an ISV, you can help your customers track their license usage and gain a better understanding of license allocation requirements. And, it will even help smooth your contract negotiations in the future.

To simplify license tracking, we've built-in a new licensing tracking graphical user interface into our CodeMeter software copy protection and licensing tool. The CodeMeter WebAdmin licensing display shows all allocated licenses and users as well as rejected requests. End users can simply refresh their browser to get an instant update of license usage. Your customers will see the benefits immediately:

  • Reduced application costs
  • Optimal license allocation
  • Improved license security

One of our representatives would be happy to demonstrate this powerful, yet easy-to-use license tracking feature. Just contact me at terry.gaul@wibu.us and I'd be happy to arrange a Web demo.

In the meantime, feel free to download the Frost and Sullivan whitepaper, "Best Practices in Software Monetization: A Customer-Centric View of Secure License Management”, or request a fully Functional CodeMeter Evaluation system.

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