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Firmware 2.0 released for CmSticks

Posted by John Browne on Aug 14, 2012 12:57:00 PM

Lots of new stuff coming down the pike this summer! Another brief post here to update you on version 2.0 of our CmStick and CmStick/M firmware (in case you're not totally up to date with our naming conventions "/M" means a CmStick with additional flash memory). This update only applies to newer CmSticks with part numbers 1001-02-xxx and CmStick/M with part numbers 1011-02-xxx (see close up of back below):

CmStick back side showing part number

We made three important improvements with this version (see below for how to update). 

  1. Most important one first: now future firmware updates (like 2.0.1 if we do it) can be made more simply over large deployments of CmSticks, as in an enterprise setting. Before V 2.0, each CmStick required a separate and unique update file. Now, however, we've switched to PKI (public key infrastructure) so all CmSticks can share a single update file without compromising the security of the update process. 
  2. Next is improved RSA security--the CmSticks now support both 1024 and 2048-bit RSA keys. This is already supported in the CodeMeter API, so you can implement immediately if you need to.
  3. We increased the reliability of the hardware by the addition of some new memory correction mechanisms. Sometimes when the dongle is suddenly removed from the USB port or loses power during a write operation you can corrupt memory (note this is extremely rare but it does happen). Same thing can happen if you have a lot of write ops over a short time. These are now more reliable which will cut down on user problems as well as extend the lifetime of the CmSticks. 

How to update? Here's a short video on how to do it. It's really quick and simple (it does require Internet access--if there's no access on the computer it's usually plugged into, remove it, install it in a connected computer, and update there). Embedded video too small to read? Click the youtube button to enlarge.

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What happened to wibu.us?

Posted by John Browne on Jun 28, 2012 1:15:00 PM

Today we switched our top level domain (TLD) from www.wibu.us to www.wibusystemsusa.com. 

If you have bookmarks or links to www.wibu.us they should automagically resolve to the new TLD; if they don't please do let us know asap so we can figure out why.


A word of clarification: we didn't do this to cause problems or confuse anyone. But our ".us" TLD made it a tad more difficult for google and Bing to rank our webpages. In the eyes of the search algorithms, ".us" doesn't measure up to ".com". So we decided to make a change.

See, we think we have the perfect solution to all the world's problems: at least those that deal with protecting valuable IP and preventing software piracy. And so we want people who need our solutions to be able to find us easily.

This should make it a bit easier.

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