CodeMeter is a secureall-in-one platform for license management, IP protection, and anti-piracy. Its patented technology provides ISVs and embedded device manufacturers with a full suite of tools for creating and managing licenses for desktop, SaaS, and cloud-based applications. CodeMeter protects software and IP against piracy, tampering, and reverse engineering with both hardware and software based solutions.

You can easily integrate security into your software on many platforms utilizing the CodeMeter Evaluation System with flexible APIs and automatic encryption tools.

Your Evaluation System includes:

  • The complete set of tools, libraries, examples and instructions to protect your software executables, modules and data files from piracy, tampering and reverse engineering — all in less than 5 minutes
  • The Desktop Edition of CodeMeter License Central, the  fully-featured, highly-scalable, web-services based license management system used to generate, manage and distribute licenses
  • Two CmDongles so you can configure one unit to hold the private encryption keys, and the other one to carry the license
  • The ability to create demo CmActLicenses, bound to a set of PC specifications that you identify
  • Immediate access to our technical support team

Simply complete the form to the right and click the button. Our technical support team will follow up with complete information on shipping the Evaluation System and how you can download the latest updates.

The CodeMeter Evaluation System is provided free-of-charge (for use in the United States and Canada).